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    It is well known that working with children in the earliest stages of learning and development will help prepare them for later success in school and life. With that in mind, Blue Apple ECLC was created to provide families with an educational environment that validates authentic experiential learning, or simply, play, the backbone of our programs. Being an intentional play-based center, Blue Apple offers children and their families a developmentally appropriate curriculum to nurture the cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth of each child in our care.

    Our physical facility, with its large windows and sun-drenched classrooms, indoor gym, and outdoor learning area, helps to sustain the vital needs of children for natural light, space, movement, and creativity. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows each child to be seen individually as well as in group settings. This essential close look at each child’s strengths and needs becomes a foundation to assure a high quality educational experience.

    ***NEW*** Summer Camp registration is now open. You may bring your child for one day or sign up for the week(s) that work for you. Learn more on our classes page.

  • Preschool Enrollment Now Open In Astoria at Blue Apple Learning Center!

    Our latest program addition is PRESCHOOL PREP 101 for preparing children ages 12 – 30 months for nursery school. Accompanied by a parent, grandparent or caregiver, young children share community experiences that set the stage for later independent play.

    This once a week 75 -minute experience provides a mix of classroom time as well as full body play and movement in our fully equipped gym.

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    by Lynne Mueller
  • We believe that children are active thinkers and have the ability to construct their own knowledge through discovery.

    Our mission is to provide your children with excellence in their early childhood education through Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP). Our beliefs stand strong in the importance of helping children fully develop and exceeding their intellectual and social skills, but further, to acquire a sustainable, life-long love of learning.
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  • The Blue Apple Early Childhood Learning Center is being created to provide children with an authentic environment that validates their abilities to construct knowledge via hands-on experiences and a play-based curriculum.

  • Children will learn through self-discovery and planned guidance from their teachers, allowing their breakthroughs to be meaningful and memorable. Our school will be devoted to generating an atmosphere that allows children to explore, initiate new discoveries and make connections while building on their prior knowledge, interests, talents and strengths in a safe socio-emotional and cognitively challenging environment.

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