All About Blue Apple

  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide children with excellence in their early childhood education by using Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), while supporting students to value a sustainable, life-long love of learning.

  • Philosophy

    We, at Blue Apple, believe that children are active thinkers and can construct their own knowledge through natural discoveries and experimentation. With seamless scaffolding by sensitive adults and a stimulating environment, children can guide their own learning through play. Children can explore social contexts and learn self-regulation skills that they will eventually attempt to master in their everyday life. Not only will this play-based approach promote future social competence and emotional development, but also higher academic learning. We strongly believe that children learn best in a group setting, when engaged in activities that they are interested in, curious about and are motivated to further explore.

  • Curriculum

    The goal of our curriculum is for children to develop life and learning skills. These skills will enable children to achieve a successful academic career and become critical thinkers. The Emergent Curriculum’s approach fosters active learning, which validates children’s voices by allowing them to express and test their experiences and interests in a safe socio-emotional environment.

    With this understanding, play becomes the most essential tool in a child’s early years. This educational model offers opportunities for both, child- and teacher-initiated activities. By connecting children’s natural desire to play and stimulating their curiosities through imagination and peer interactions, the curriculum addresses the various needs of children without losing sight of learning milestones and expectations. A child-centered environment and intentional teacher planning are essential for the foundation of our curriculum. This approach will encourage children to take part in their own learning process by having them plan and carry out ideas, reason and problem solve, and interact with others through this journey.