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  • Early Literacy

    The research on early brain development that became public a few years ago supported the belief that reading earlier is more beneficial for a young child. This misconceived notion was fed by a flurry of products marketed to help make a young child “smarter” and have the ability to read at a very early age. Most of these products have virtually disappeared because they did not live up to their claims.  Why didn’t they work? Because product developers failed to take into account that children’s reading skills are developed through a multitude of experiences not through one literacy approach. Reading is an abstract concept that a child must be developmentally ready to absorb. Just like the architect who must first create a solid base before erecting a building, a child must have a strong experiential foundation composed of multiple layers of knowledge in order to become a fluent reader.  According to early literacy specialists, the key elements […]

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    As we all know, young children thrive on schedules and routines and so do adults! Yet during this time of year, maintaining routines can be difficult, —a potential recipe for meltdowns for all. And while some adults and children thrive on a bustling plethora of out of the ordinary activities during the holidays others become overwhelmed. The first step to reducing the stress during the holiday season is to accept the fact that it is very likely that during the next month your daily routines as you know them will diminish. From family events, to professional obligations to special holiday activities, life will be a little different which may lead to later bedtimes, excessive eating and toys and more toy requests.  So what to do? How can we stay calm and have a “joyful” season?  I believe what is most important during this time of year is to slow it […]

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  • Closed For Veteran’s Day Friday Novemeber 11th 2016

    Blue Apple will be closed on Friday November 11th in honor of Veteran’s Day. 

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  • Importance of Play

    LEARNING WITH LYNNE THE IMPORTANCE OF PLAY Most times when I arrive at school there is a quiet hum in the air as teachers prepare for the day, and then before you know it is arrival time, with smiling faces eager to connect with their teachers and friends and get to “work”. This “work” is for young children a joyous job as they learn through experiential play experiences; the hallmark of Blue Apple’s curriculum. The play experience is a process of trial and error with no right or wrong answer. As children invent their world anew, they are creating a foundation of skills and concepts necessary for later student success. Sometimes, well meaning, loving adults can interfere with this learning process by telling or showing a child how to play. For instance, if a child is taught how to use a paintbrush it’s not the same as putting out a […]

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      The first day of school is around the corner! How children react and adjust to school is a very individual process. As a school we take the separation process very seriously. When a child has a good start at school, these positive feelings can last a lifetime. I am often asked, “When can I leave? Each child is different. Some children walk into school the first day, wave goodbye and that’s it. Others cling to their parents. Some are fine the first few days of school and then as the novelty of school wears off, they again need you. During the separation process, if you find yourself in the classroom with your child, it is helpful to have as little interaction as possible with your child. Bring a book or some “busy work”. If your child asks you for help, encourage them to get help from the teachers. We […]

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About Lynne Mueller

This is the blog of Lynne Mueller, the Educational Advisor of Blue Apple Early Learning Center. She holds an M.A. in Early Childhood Education and an M.S. in Social Research. A seasoned early childhood educator, she previously was the Director of Education of The International Preschools, has been an educational speaker across the country, authored an article for The Parent’s League Review and was a contributing voice to NAEYC’s accreditation standards.

She is a dedicated to providing children with a developmentally appropriate, balanced education that integrates all disciplines of learning. Like well known educator David Elkind, Lynne views early childhood education “ as a journey not a race. What matters is the quality not the speed of learning.”