Description of the Curriculum:  


The goal of our curriculum is for children to develop life and learning skills. These skills will enable children to achieve a successful academic life and be critical thinkers, as well as to be self-confident and kind human beings.

The Blue Apple Early Childhood Learning Center  will embrace the play-based curriculum with the understanding that play is the essential activity in the life of a child. By connecting the natural desire to engage in play, a specific curriculum will be designed around this understanding; students will learn by stimulating their curiosities through their imaginations and interactions. A child-centered environment and thoughtful teacher planning will be essential to the foundation of our curriculum.

Each day will have specific, planned activities and content created and implemented by our highly trained and experienced teachers. Our specialized curriculum will guide children to engage in their own learning process of planning and carrying out ideas, reasoning and problem solving, and interacting with others through this discovery process.Our curriculum designing process will allow our educational staff to plan their daily lessons to specifically extend our student interests and aptitudes with the intention of stimulating their creativity and adaptability through play. 





NAEYC – The Blue Apple Early Childhood Learning Center will pursue accreditation from The National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as soon as it starts its operations.





New York State Prekindergarten Foundation For the Common Core:



Our Pre-Kindergarten program will implement the learning standards presented by the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation For the Common Core and New York City Performance Standards. Thus, children will be fully prepared to continue their education whether in a public or private educational setting.